Growing up in a very athletic family, health and wellness was always just the norm to me. We ate, we played we ate we played some more. Even coming from a family that was very social and loved to entertain with some fancy foods (and some amazing cooks in the family) I never made it into the kitchen until I was living on my own. That was quite the journey to say the least. At that time I was working for a well-known "diet" company who shall remain nameless. This is where I started seeing and learning about ingredients, long before it was cool back in the late 80's early 90's. I watched clients reach a lot of goals with the "diet center" but noticed it really was not making them healthier, and then I saw repeat clients, hmmm why are they gaining their weight back??

In the early 90's I decided I wanted to take my quest for better health an helping others into another direction. Working out and staying active I knew was part of the equation (I was an aerobics instructor and fitness trainer back in the 80's, remember the big hair and the super shiny G-string outfits, yup did all that). But I knew there was more, I studied passed the State Boards and became a Licensed Massage Therapist, Loved working on a huge eclectic group of people, from infants to the elderly, I had cancer patients whose last wishes were just to feel ok with a massage to professional athletes. Each one special in their own way, but I realized a lot of my regular clients were always asking me about "healthy alternatives". Turns out we ended up always talking about habits, and wasn't always about the actual food. 

My first miracle came to me in 1996; she was a bouncing little girl who has turned into the most amazing young woman now studying psychology with a minor in biology, heading off to grad school! My second miracle came in 1999, two months early but survived and beat the odds and still continues too! He will be headed off to college in the fall to study Exercise Science and Physiology! So proud of them both can you tell? So when they were little, my younger one had some health issues due to being born 2 months premature, constant croup due to the lungs not being completely developed when he was born, who knows never got a straight answer from any doctors. That lasted 5 years after being told he would out grow it by 2 years old. Then the migraines started, 24-48 hour horrific migraines. So after talking to a friend whose son had health issues, their doctor told them to 'Change his diet" wow he was a new kid in just a few weeks! So I decided I really needed to do the same thing. So after the many neurologists, cardiologists and what ever other ologist the pediatrician sent us to, I decided it was really up to me. The research geek I am began to research ingredients and watch how the kids reacted to foods, between that, some chiropractic care, massage therapy we got the migraines pretty under control after about 3 years, a lot of trial and error but we did it! Which lead me to where I am today. My passion to help my kids and clients just never ends. My calling I guess you could say.

Even though I started my studies in nutrition I realized that that was not what I was rally looking for there was something missing, yes nutrition is important but what I discovered years later would turn the light bulb on! I was working for a doctor at a diet center (loved working with them) but being able to only spend 10 mins a week with patients, following a "diet" was all fine and dandy but they were not having the results I wanted to see! Yes they were losing weight but, they weren't loving it, it was a temporary fix, and most were coming back with the weight back on, the maintenance was not working... The light bulb, duh how did I miss this! Temporary change in eating aka fad diets was not the answer, what was? Changing lifestyle was. Sounds like a huge task doesn't it? In the grand scheme it is but I have discovered the easiest way to do it! No it is not an over night quick fix, It takes time, just like it did to get to where we are in life.

So after my Health Coaching session with my amazing Health Coach, I discovered that this was the piece of the puzzle I was missing!! 

Part of the puzzle also has to do with dealing with stress, life stress, daily stress or what ever it may be that causes stress. For me it began before my second one was born, I was not happy, after my sons first birthday I filed for divorce, I knew I deserved to be happy God put me here and it was not to be miserable, I praise God every day for my miracles, with out them I would not have survived. Not log after that one of my best friends was brutally murdered, still 15 years later her murder is unsolved. You can only imaging the stress one can endure with everything that was going on. I remember my OBGYN saying we need to check your thyroid that was 17 years ago. Every 6 months I went for the same tests, then had to go back for 2nd and third blood tests always coming back, "your thyroid is borderline”. Ok so what does that mean? "We watch it", well what the heck does that mean? To me it means, they have no clue what to do with me! So not having any out of the ordinary symptoms after all I was going through I thought well this is my life, just deal with it. So just about 6 months ago I was diagnosed with stage 4 Hashimoto's, hmmmm now what the heck! I decided after seeing my PCP with the same blood work results "borderline" thyroid, I decided to take matters into my own hands and search for a Functional Doctor. Because I like to do as natural as possible, but also know that if western medicine was needed (which is the last thing I personally wanted to do) I would have the benefit of both. Fourteen vials of blood later, the diagnosis was there in black and white. As a Certified Health Coach I was devastated, what on earth was I going to do? That lasted about a day of shock and disbelief that this had not been found earlier. Fortunately the Functional Doctor tested my antibodies and they were through the roof, they had already taken over my thyroid, and working on the kidneys and liver. Happy to report after making some changes and only one western medication my liver and kidneys are normal again, my antibodies are lower but still have a long way to go, as my thyroid has not kicked back on yet (that is the goal so I do not have to take thyroid meds. So happy to report I am on the mends!

Why am I telling you all of this? Aren't Health Coaches supposed to be the epitome of health? Well some are and some are not but our end goal is to help others get healthy in many aspects of the "wheel of health" such as family, friends, money, health, career, physical environment, spirituality, and so much more! What better way to help others than "been there done that" as another tool in my belt? 

Healthy Habits Create Healthy Results Healthy Results Create a Healthy Happy Life (That is how I healed) 

To your Health & Happiness

Coach Sarah Demille


A day at the office ;-)

A day at the office ;-)