What is Mental Wellness

Mental Wellness vs Mental Illness


Mental wellness exists on a continuum between:

  • Stress & Burnout on the low end
  • Emotional Well-Being & Physical Resilience in the middle
  • Optimal Vigor & Thriving on the high-end

Restoring balance across the Gut-Brain Axis is the key to promoting optimal mental wellness – across the entire Mental Wellness Continuum.  - Amare Global 2018



The "gut-brain axis" (GBX) is the multi-directional communication network that determines our physical and mental wellness. The GBX connects our gastrointestinal system (gut), nervous system (brain), and immune system (axis) with a vast array of cellular and biochemical messengers throughout the entire body, including the microbiome, hormones, cytokines, and neurotransmitters.


Gut flora consist of a complex community of microorganism species that live in the digestive tract of humans. The digestive tract is the largest reservoir of microorganisms in the human body. 

Amare Global 2018


Free Mental Wellness Assessment

Free Mental Health Assessment 


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